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Youtube Partnership

Youtube Partnership
ZAD Solutions is an official YouTube partner authorized to qualify partner channel Through the channel

Show off your content

YouTube gives partners the necessary tools to create a premium, lean-back viewing experience.
  • All videos are streamed at the highest possible quality—up to full 1080p HD if available—in a 16:9 aspect ratio player.
  • Upload long-form content with no length or file size limit
  • Present high-quality video inside a fully-branded channel.
  • Additional design and interactivity options.

Analyze your audience

Our Insight analytics tools help you:
  • Find out which videos resonate with viewers, so you can satisfy your audience and advertisers.
  • Insight provides clear, understandable summaries of the demographics, discovery methods, and engagement levels
  •  of the people who watch your videos.
  • See on a per-video basis whether your content is successful.

Protect your copyright

  • Monetize, track, or block infringing content according to your policies
  • Fully-automated tools.

Revenue Sharing

  • Get paid for your uploaded videos
  • Block competition advertising on your videos


  • Videos Claiming
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Monthly revenue reporting

Video Conversion and Uploading (Optional)

  • Converting from any master format
  • Convert to all popular formats
  • Quality checks
  • Upload with different video qualities

Channel Management (Optional)

  • Manage playlists
  • Manage videos
  • Reporting trends
  • Filtering comments and subscriptions

Sample ZAD Solutions Partner Channels: